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(Dongguan, China, March 30, 2020) -- Fapon Biotech Inc. (Fapon), a global leading IVD raw materials and one-stop solutions company offering products and technologies to enable the rapid development and production of reagents, initiated a global donation to give a total of 3 million PCR test components to IVD partners. Most PCR reagent manufacturers in China are currently using Fapon products for COVID-19 test development and production. Driven by the corporate mission 'Improving Human Health and Human Development', the company is dedicated to helping more overseas partners....
Date: 2020 - 03 - 30
On 28th February, the World Health Organization (WHO) escalated the COVID-19 risk assessment from 'high' to 'very high' as infected cases continue to increase significantly around the world, particularly in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.   As a leading IVD organization in China, Fapon took the lead to donate 2 million tests of high-quality one-step RT-PCR mix for the domestic development and production of COVID-19 PCR test kit and thereby ensuring a stable and sufficient supply in CDC, Hospitals, ICLs, etc.  In continuing to pursue the corporate mission——Improve Human Health ...
Date: 2020 - 03 - 09
(Dongguan, China, 5 March 2020) Fapon Biotech Inc. (Fapon) is premiering at booth 1F83, Medical Fair India from 5 to 7 March at the Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, India. Due to the traveling restriction caused by the COVID-19 virus, Fapon is one of the few Chinese exhibitors who attends the expo successfully.Although it’s the first exhibition Fapon holds in India, but actually, the company has more than 10 years of cooperation experience with the diagnostic companies in India. Alongside the attention drawn to the global health emergency of COVID-19, which the infected cases...
Date: 2020 - 03 - 05
The COVID-19 pneumonia is officially confirmed peaked by the World Health Organization (WHO) last week. WHO recognized the efforts China made in the fight. Local cases are also reporting a steep decline recently. Efforts across the nation welcome the preliminary success in the COVID-19 battle.
Date: 2020 - 03 - 03
It has been over twenty days as the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia hits China and dampens Chinese New Year celebrations to home isolation. And in efforts to contain the virus outbreak, the Chinese government announced nationwide holiday extension to 10th February, with some provinces and cities are delaying the resumption of work and the school even longer. It is, undoubtedly, the virus outbreak is not only a global health emergency, but also a business challenge due to the suspended business operations.
Date: 2020 - 02 - 19
(Dongguan, China, 04 February 2020) 2020 has an unusual start-up to the world's biotechnology organizations giving the new coronavirus outbreak. And as a global IVD reagent raw material supplier, Fapon acts promptly to fight against the novel coronavirus by providing pivotal raw materials to the downstream diagnostic companies and taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of Fapon employees, especially for individuals who travel to infected regions during the Chinese New Year holiday. To date, no suspected or confirmed case of the virus has been found among Fapon employees.  Followed...
Date: 2020 - 02 - 04
An outbreak of pneumonia caused by a novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) has been gripping global attention to China since January 2020.As a leading IVD reagent raw materials and solutions organization operates in the upstream of the industry, we are committed to enabling earlier disease identification with more accurate, convenient and affordable diagnoses. Unpon this public health urgency, Fapon calls out to all downstream partners to join the fight of coronavirus by offering 1 million doses of core 2019-nCov reagent raw materials free of use in research.
Date: 2020 - 01 - 23
(Dongguan, China, 15 January 2020) Every year, Fapon organizes Annual Dinner to praise employees’ yearly accomplishments and unfold a new page in the company's history. This year, the annual dinner was hosted on Wednesday at The Royal Garden Hotel with more than 550 employees, relatives and friends who joined together to witness some of the most exciting moments in Fapon‘s annual calendar.The annual dinner inaugurated with Mr Ben He, the President of Fapon who delivered a speech to conclude the business achievements in 2019 and shared his thoughts on how the company can fight for effective imp...
Date: 2020 - 01 - 15
2019 kicks-off with the opportunity to build your knowledge and help to increase the awareness of the Cervical Cancer. With comprehensive approaches covering prevention, early diagnosis, effective screening and treatment implement in developed countries such as the US, the death rate of cervical cancer has been declined more than 50% in the past 30 years.
Date: 2020 - 01 - 01
World AIDS Day was the first-named global health day established in 1988. After years of AIDS control and treatment development, AIDS has become a manageable chronic disease from a death sentence. But the fight is not off, many people in the world do not know how to protect themselves and others when living in AIDS-related conditions, and stigma and discrimination remain a key barrier for stopping people to embark on the fight in the beginning. Hence World AIDS Day each year on 1 December highlights the ongoing needs of public funds, education and prejudice elimination to the public and govern...
Date: 2019 - 12 - 01