HotStart PCR Mix


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Anstart PCR Mix

High amplification efficiency, convenient to use.


Hotstart HiTaq PCR Mix


2xSYBR  Anstart Master Mix


Anstart Master PCR Mix

Good pollution prevention contains UDG enzyme.

MD008A, MD008H---Hotstart PCR Mix ( Anstart PCR Mix, Hotstart HiTaq PCR Mix )

Good performance was observed during PCR reaction when using the Hotstart polymerase and other reagents including buffer, dNTP Mix premix products. It only needs to prepare the template and primers before the reaction. So that the mix could simplify the operation steps and prevent contamination effectively in the process of PCR reaction. That is the reason for the product could be widely used in the PCR amplification, cloning PCR, RT-PCR and others. Fapon adds pigment reagent in products which are necessary for electrophoresis, the PCR reaction can be processed directly after electrophoresis. The sample’s position could be observed easily during the whole treatment. Moreover, the outcome will be accompanied by an ‘A’ base in 3'-, which could be cloned in T-Vector directly.

MD008G--- SYBR Anstart PCR Mix

Fapon SYBR Anstart PCR Mix is specially designed for SYBR Green I Real Time PCR, it contains SYBR Green I (SYBR Astart reagent) at its best concentration for Real Time PCR reaction, makes it easy to prepare reaction system. Fapon Anstart Taq DNA Polymerase mix with optimum PCR buffer can effectively inhibit nonspecific PCR amplification, greatly improve amplification efficiency, lead to high sensitivity real time PCR reaction.

MD009A --- Anstart/Hotstart Master PCR Mix

Core reagent contains optimized buffer, dNTPs Mix (dUTP instead of dTTP), hotstart DNA polymerase, UDG enzyme (Uracil-DNA Glycosylase) and MgCl solution. It only needs to add the right amount of primers and probes or fluorescent dyes to process fluorescent PCR detection. It should be mentioned that the addition of Hotstart DNA polymerase will promote reaction with strong specificity and high sensitivity. 

It is known that UDG enzyme could act on single and double-stranded helices of DNA, however it performs no activity on RNA. Due to this character of UDG, Fapon makes a serial of modification on its PCR master mix. Before the PCR reaction, adding UDG can biodegrade the containing uraci PCR products, and template does not have any impact on the excluding uracil, optional hydrolysis PCR products containing uracil. In previous treatment (50℃, 2mins), UDG enzyme can hydrolyze PCR outcome containing uracil base and N-glycosidic bond of sugar phosphate skeleton. In this way, the uracil base is release of free. Then heating treatment hydrolyze sugar phosphate skeleton at the same time of UDG enzyme inactivation will eliminate the uracil pollution of PCR outcome.